WCN is a full service data recovery firm, recovering data from all data media, including hard drives (IDE, SCSI, EIDE, and SATA, notebook and laptop drives), computer storage media, flash drives, camera memory sticks, CD’s, floppy disks, and other media.

Some common types of data failure include:

Data RecoveryHard Drive Failure

  • Corrupt Data
  • Unable to Boot
  • Deletion of Data
  • Partition Corruption
  • Thermal Issues
  • Electronic Issues.

WCN Data Recovery uses sophisticated methods to determine the reason behind data corruption. Logical methods include proprietary and non-proprietary software, replacing damaged internal and external parts such as read/write head assembly, logic boards and repairing frozen motors.

We’ll diagnose your problem(s) and promptly contact you with our recommended data recovery process(es) and a quote. You tell us the media you choose for your recovered data.